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  • Inadequately secured lifting points

    Do you recognise this? Lifting points in logistics, not (correctly) closed because of neglect, hurry or sloppiness in following the safety regulations.
    The removable fences, doors or chains are not closed properly, causing dangerous effects.

  • Variogate Safety Pallet Gate

    Then there is the VARIOGATE (also known as a cantilever gate or safety pallet gate): your best choice in good and safe shielding for lifting points to storeys.
    Ideal to use on mezzanine floors.

  • Safety Pallet Gate System Made To Size

    VARIOGATE systems made to size, can also be delivered. Next to our standard assortment of safety-pallet-gates we are able to design systems for extra wide loads, high or deep loads in almost every industrial situation or logistic surroundings.

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Variogate 180 safety palletgate system -DDM

Variogate 180 safety palletgate system project Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Recently Haagh protection designed, delivered and installed a made to size Variogate 180 safety pallet gate system in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

For complex situations where the space for maneuvering is limited or when working with traveling cranes and/or rolling doors, the Variogate-180 barrierconcept of Haagh Protection offers a perfect solution as you can see in the attached file.  A special transfer between the two barriers directly drives the structure: if one barrier is opened, the other is automatically closed simultaneously.

In this case we designed extra fencing with an opening in between so the roller door can easily open and close. Also made this Variogate operational going trough the wall to keep as much available space as possible. Extra information and pictures are available upon request.

Variants are also available by the way:
VARIOGATE® 90 for example: with this version, the goods are transported to the left or right side relative to the opening.


Please contact our salesteam via info@haagh-protection.com or take a look at our website: www.variogate.com


Variogate 180 – NEW

Haagh Protection has marketed the Variogate-180 for several years.

A Variogate is used to secure access points in higher levels. The Variogate-180 is a safety pallet gate where two sets of barriers are linked together. This is done in a way that moving one set of barriers automatically causes the other set to move in the opposite direction. This creates a safe zone through which goods can be transported. The risk of falling down is reduced to zero in that way.

A disadvantage of such a device is that a larger width of the device also requires a larger available height! After all, the greater width also rotates upwards during movement.
By means of a recent innovative solution, we now offer devices of which the barrier automatically retracts partially during the upward movement. This requires less space in height. During the reverse movement, the arm fully extends so that the maximum width is utilised.

Another disadvantage that arises with large widths is the force required for operation. This is also an undesirable consequence of ever-increasing dimensions.
However, Haagh Protection has now made an important improvement in this respect: by integrating gas springs, the operation of the gate has been improved to such an extent that it is now lighter and technically 100 % sound.

It is also possible to deliver custom made solutions in difficult situations, for example when doors are turning inwards, like in the pictures:








For more information please contact Haagh Protection: tel. +31 (0)-161-226559 or info@haagh-protection.com.

More information can also be found at: www.variogate.com and www.safetypalletgate.com.